Credit Card Processing Expense Reduction

Cash is quickly becoming a thing of the past with most businesses revenue coming in the form of credit or debit card purchases. Reducing your credit card processing expenses shouldn’t be an afterthought but a main priority for any company. CostFixed’s team is made up of industry experts whose primary goal is to provide transparency and cost reduction solutions for your merchant account. We are not a credit card processor, nor do we side with any merchant service providers. We simply leverage our years of experience to negotiate with your current credit card processor, streamlining your merchant account structure while finding hidden fees and surcharges along the way.

For years credit card processors have made their statements complex and confusing to read with hundreds of different processing fees, including costly layers of transaction fees, surcharges, and discount rates. It’s by far the most common source of overpayments for any size business or industry. With all this confusing language and misleading titles, merchants can often fall trap to unfair pricing. CostFixed can help you discover opportunities to save your hard earned money by uncovering hidden fees and improving transparency. Once you approve our findings, we negotiate with your current processor to reduce your monthly bill.  

Analyze Contract Terms 

Your processor’s goal is to maximize their profits. Our goal is to maximize your profits. Our team of expense consultants review your statements to determine whether it currently serves your company’s best financial interests. Most merchants understand the requirements they must meet to accept credit cards, and have to rely on a sales rep to provide honest information on pricing options and merchant service plan types. I’m sure you’re aware of how competitive the merchant service industry is, often receiving multiple cold calls a week from different vendors. This has led to deceptive sales tactics and pricing models. Just to name a few ways they can add in hidden fees:

  • Hidden transaction fees
  • Payment gateway fees
  • Monthly minimum fees
  • Annual fee
  • Inflated interchange fees
  • Chargeback and retrieval fees
  • Fees for mid-qualified and non-qualified cards

A thorough analysis led by our experts enables us to uncover areas of overpayment, reduce costs and positively impact your bottom line. We have years of experience in interpreting merchant account agreements and renegotiating cost structures including.

  • PCI Compliance fees and processes
  • Card category analyses
  • Chargeback fees
  • Card Association Fees
  • Monthly minimum fees
  • Bill Backs
  • Interchange Plus pricing
  • Tier pricing

CostFixed has the tools to analyze and audit your merchant statement to secure the lowest possible rate and ensure accurate billing.

Get Best in Class Rates on Credit Card Processing  

Every industry has insider discounts available for the select few that know how to ask for them. Same with the credit card processing industry. Our team of experts negotiate and work with your current processor to provide your company with the best deal possible, on your behalf. Even the smallest change in your rate structure can greatly reduce your monthly bill.

We are vendor neutral, meaning we always look to work with your current vendor, saving you the hassle of having to switch providers. We only charge a portion of the savings we recover for a limited time, so there’s no risk and no need to budget for us.

We Make it Simple to Get Started

CostFixed starts by reviewing your most recent merchant service statements and delivers an easy to read roadmap outlining our findings. At no risk, obligation, or cost to you. After you review our findings, you’ll have the option to decide if you would like to move forward with our services previously outlined. We would then start negotiating with your current service provider, to reduce payment processing fees, or restructure your merchant service plan. Once we have lowered your rates and eliminated any hidden fees, we provide ongoing analysis and monthly reports to identify monthly savings. Our success is based on measurable results, and our fees are only a percentage of your savings.