Reduce Parcel Shipping Costs

If your business relies on shipping inventory, documents, noodles, or just about anything else, I’m sure you’re familiar with Parcel Shipping. While you may be content with your current shipping provider or just not sure who else is out there. You would be surprised to find out you’re probably paying too much. Most businesses are unaware that they are being overcharged, receiving a monthly statement from their shipping provider consisting of hundreds of pages can seem like a lot to comb through looking for errors.
At CostFixed we’re devoted to educating our shippers, we share our insider knowledge which for years have been guarded by carriers. With our experience of working with small parcel delivery networks, we offer our clients a proven process for reducing parcel shipping costs while improving their overall delivery process. Through our free, extensive shipping audit, CostFixed can discover opportunities to reduce your bill without disrupting your current service.  

How a Shipping Audit Can Reduce Your Shipping Costs

CostFixed is a premiere leader in strategic cost reduction. We tailor our expertise and strategies to better assist each sector. CostFixed acts as your corporate watchdog to protect you against overpaying for delinquent services. We will closely monitor your providers and secure refunds for your business when parcels are delivered late. You shouldn’t have to pay an arm and a leg for less than adequate service. CostFixed will make sure you are compensated for shipping mistakes and errors that may have slipt through the cracks and gone unnoticed. We take 5 step approach when reviewing your shipping statements.

Rate Analysis

Before we can determine if CostFixed is a good fit for your company, we have to determine what savings opportunities exist with your current parcel shipping agreement. By allowing our team of experts to analyze your historical shipping data, our team will define your company’s unique characteristics and identify services in which your business is overpaying.

Strategic Development

To be successful in negotiating you must be prepared and have strategic plan in place. Utilizing the information discovered during your rate analysis, we’ll schedule a call with your primary personnel to discuss your company’s current climate. With a better understanding of your business day to day operations our team of experts will recommend a strategy for you to review.

Contract Negotiation

CostFixed will negotiate on your behalf, providing your team with actionable recommendations and step by step roadmap of the terms being negotiated.


Once our negotiations are finished and the new terms have been implemented with your carrier, Costfixed will provide you and your team with monthly reports breaking down your carrier charges by service level.

Carrier Compliance

During the length of our contract, CostFixed will ensure that your carrier stays compliant with the terms negotiated and that you’re billed accurately and accordingly.

CostFixed handles everything from securing your refunds to making sure you receive no cost from the shipping company if an error happens on their part. You may be asking yourself how we keep track of all these moving parts. Easy, CostFixed regularly monitors your invoices and all charges, before they are paid. Our team will flag any errors, and will take action. Through this proven FedEx and UPS cost reduction strategy, CostFixed has lowered shipping and delivery costs for our clients by up to 20 percent.

While we consistently monitor your invoice for errors, CostFixed compares your current shipping costs to the national industry standard. This provides leverage to renegotiate your shipping rates and allow for a greater reduction in your monthly shipping bill month over month.  

Strategic Cost Reduction at No Risk to You

For us to start claiming refunds, uncover billing errors, and negotiating your rates, all we need is a recent copy of your shipping invoice or access to your online account. There’s no risk or upfront cost to work with us. If we can’t find savings you don’t pay a dime. All you got to lose is those expensive shipping rates.

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