Reduce Waste Removal Service Costs

No matter what business you are in, every company produces waste. However, waste removal isn’t something most business owners think about, considering it isn’t really their responsibility. While this may be the case for most owners, your company should assess your processes and operations that produce waste and consider how they may be able to cut back on waste or reuse resources. Your waste removal services must be dependable, predictable, and reputable, because waste can get out of hand quickly, cluttering and disrupting your workplace. While you may be satisfied with your current waste removal provider and enjoy the level of service, you are likely paying too much.

Waste removal service providers can increase their prices at anytime and often can go undetected if not regularly monitored. We work with your current vendor to review your services for efficiencies and negotiate your pricing structure on your behalf. With our network of service providers we have the advantage of seeing what other companies in your industry are paying for waste removal services and can use this knowledge to help reduce your monthly bill. Our team of experts have the experience to negotiate your rates and find hidden fees. CostFixed can perform a waste removal service audit to find opportunities for you to reduce your bill, with no risk or cost to you.

Opportunities to Reduce Waste Removal Costs 

You may not think it but there’s a wide range of waste removal service providers and plenty of competition to keep prices reasonable. The trouble is, many of these companies don’t provide a great deal of flexibility in their contracts, allowing only a short window of time to renew or cancel their services at the end of your term. If you miss this window, you’re locked in for another period of time with no guarantee that they won’t raise their rates during the course of your agreement. Additionally, you could be paying for a level of service you’re not actually using. Costfixed can help you better understand your usage patterns and find opportunities for savings that most companies would over look on your waste removal contracts.  

Having a solid understanding of your waste stream profile can help you understand your consumption patterns and identify ways to reduce waste, increase recycling and save money. Commercial waste streams can vary greatly depending on the industry, business type, office/facility space, business size, and services/products provided. Waste reduction and cost reduction strategies can vary just as much from simple onsite minimization to operational changes, recycling initiatives, and procurement practices. Before we negotiate with your current waste removal provider we follow a simple three step approach:

Step 1: Take stock of your waste

Step 2: Assess the volume of garbage and recycled materials.

Step 3: Perform audit and create plan of action

Waste removal service providers take advantage of the fact that most companies have limited knowledge of their industry standards and therefore have little bargaining power against their pricing models. CostFixed has the experience and data to identify these inequalities and level the playing field, providing you with measurable fixed cost reduction and uncovering hidden fees that will immediately impact your bottom line.

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