Telecom, Cellular, and Internet Cost Reduction

The telecommunications landscape is vastly different than it was a few years ago. After decades of testing various systems and integrating with other service providers, most operators own a vast collection of data and IT systems so complex customers often barely understand them. Chances are, if you haven’t updated in awhile from your legacy telephone system, you’re giving money away, both to your service providers and for routine maintenance on old equipment.

In fact, if your telecom system is more than seven years old, you are probably missing out on a ton of advances in communication, ones that could directly impact your bottom line and increase productivity, connectivity, and security. In some cases depending on your industry, you may be required to comply with industry regulations or compliance standards. These regulations change quite often to protect confidential client information, requiring many businesses to upgrade their data and telecom system to be compliant.

The telecom cost reduction specialists at CostFixed have years of experience with operators and keep up to date with all the latest news in the digital communications market. We are able to identify quickly if you’re receiving the best possible service to meet your needs, at the lowest cost possible, while always staying compliant to your industry standards. 

Telecom Auditing: CostFixed Knows Telecom 

It’s hard to imagine life without telecom and IT systems in it. It would be nearly impossible to run a business in this day and age without them. It’s how we stay connect to our customers and employees. If you are like most business, though, you have trusted that your service providers have kept your best interest in mind while recommending what services and features your company needs. Well, I hate to say it, but you’re probably overpaying. CostFixed can help you identify hidden fee’s and uncover deceptive pricing in your telecom invoice. Saving you time and money.

CostFixed will examine your communications statements to discover exactly what you are paying for. We’ll negotiate with your vendors to reduce costs based on features and options you actually use. We do this by helping you understand where you stand, operators make their bills confusing so that the average business owner can’t understand what their bill means and where they can cut costs. Confusing acronyms like MUG (Minimum Usage Guarantee) or ARC (Annual Revenue Commitment) hide the actual amount of service you’ll need and how much you’ll spend.  

At CostFixed our telecom experts can cut through the confusing jargon your current telecom provider is using and begin to formulate a strategy that better meets your company’s needs. Depending on your company’s unique needs, we may also recommend switching to a unified communications strategy. Consolidating your voice, data, and wireless expenses onto a single platform can potentially save you thousands of dollars while offering a new suite of features. Having an experienced negotiator with a deep understanding of telecom vendors and best practices can help you uncover greater opportunities to reduce your bill.

Areas in which CostFixed can find savings include:

  • Service and delivery contract negotiation and consolidation: If you have multiple vendors and bills, we can work to consolidate this to simplify your processes and to help achieve significant savings.

  • Telecom auditing and expense management: We’ll personally go through your current telephone and internet billing and contracts to identify opportunities for savings, discover billing errors, and recover erroneous charges.

  • Equipment expenses: We’ll negotiate on your behalf to get you the best possible value for your specific needs. Sometimes upgrading your outdated equipment could be the best solution.

  • Maintenance contracts: Consolidate your service plans and pay only for what you use. We’ll provide you with monthly reports, so you can see exactly how much you’re saving.

  • Internet usage: Are you paying for more than you use? CostFixed helps ensure your internet service is both affordable and feature-rich.

  • Wireless contract negotiation: We negotiate long-term contract rates so your wireless costs will be consistent, predictable, and manageable.

  • Future-proofing: CostFixed analyzes your current equipment and service needs and presents a scalable solution that will grow with you.

Get peace of mind with CostFixed

With over 15 years of telecom cost reduction experience, CostFixed can help you control your costs by assessing current expenses and industry standards to find potential savings. Here at CostFixed, we have a high success rate in telecom cost reduction often saving our clients up to 50% of what they are currently being billed.  

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